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The results are in – Spoton.net scores high for franchisee satisfaction


Our Spoton.net franchisees recently completed the Smith & Henderson Franchise Satisfaction Benchmark survey – this is an independent, anonymous survey that offers franchisees the opportunity to provide honest feedback on their franchise experience.
We’re pleased to say that the Spoton.net franchise received an excellent response from our franchisees.
100% of our franchisees are committed to growing their business
97% agree that Spoton.net effectively maintains and enforces system standards
96% are proud to be a Spoton.net franchisee
96% are motivated to go the extra mile for their customers
92% agree that Spoton.net understands that if the franchisee is successful, the franchisor will be successful
86% of those who became a franchisee within the last 12 months rate the initial training and support provided by Spoton.net as good or excellent
85% agree that Spoton.net cares about and responds to the issues that are important to franchisees
85% feel encouraged to share ideas with Spoton.net
The survey covers the following areas: Training and Support, The Franchise System, Culture and Relationships, Value and Rewards, Leadership and Stewardship, and General Satisfaction.
The feedback we receive from this survey plays an important role in our franchise model, as it allows us to further improve and evolve the Spoton.net website and digital marketing franchise. This is crucial, as we are committed to fostering a supportive culture for all our franchisees as they grow and develop their successful online marketing businesses.
If you’re looking to partner with a franchise that you can be proud of, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Spoton.net by filling out our contact form below, or calling 01803 500 747.

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